Do you think the Police is well trained to fulfill the needs of our community? What type of training should Police focus on on a go-forward basis?


Police often are assigned tasks that do not suit the training they have, which could be improved. Instead of training the police, who have been trained to kill, we should train a different sort of professional more in tune to a given task. What the police need is less budget, certainly not more.

More focus & enhanced training in crisis communication skills, collaborative approach in culture and race relation education by engaging with the various cultural resources available within our own community. Suicide Intervention and Prevention training is almost non existent within the police service. At one time the NGRP was one of the leading agencies in this province when it came to specialized police training Crisis Response, Internet Child Exploitation, Domestic Violence ,Mental Health...

Crisis Intervention, specifically deescalating people with mental health issues.

Training in cultural competence and race relations

Community policing, unconscious bias training, Mental health awareness

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