NG Safe - Public Camera System

NG Safe - Public Camera System

How would you feel about having a camera system, strategically placed in public areas to support investigation and crime prevention? You can also answer a more comprehensive survey about this subject by clicking on this link:


Cameras placed strategically may support investigations and crime prevention but would also assist with the the more effective deployment and use of police human resources to target high activity areas. In addition to creating a sense of added safety for citizens it could be used effectively as a public relations tool for visitors to communicate with family from a distance. The U.K, Bermuda and many others countries have been using this type of technology for decades.

I have heard from multiple female friends that they have been approached, followed, or otherwise frightened by men they did not know on the Samson trail. A few cameras along the trail's least populated sections would hopefully deter mens approaches or be able to identify them if needed.

Criminals are going to catch on to the placement of cameras and continue to commit the crimes in other locations around town

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