Issues and concerns

Issues and concerns

What is the issue or concerns that should be addressed to ensure strong, vibrant community development?


I agree with the post below. I travel between the communities on a regular basis and take advantage of parks, trails and programs throughout the region. It’s time to stop thinking of us as separate entities.

Including surrounding areas (Trenton, Westville, etc) in program development. We are better together!

Group Health Care! Regular clinics for different issues (Nutrition, Diabetes, Depression, etc) addressing, treating, and educating those in attendance would perhaps relieve the pressure in clinics if the community knows how to handle and prevent issues on their own. Small groups mean you can treat more people at once while still giving personal care and applicable care to your situation.

Bringing businesses back. Some sort of incentive? So many closed shops, the highland square mall is depressing. Coworking spaces, maybe a Pop Up NG space? Give local businesses with no storefront the opportunity to have a pop-up store for a month. a different store every month. This gives local vendors the opportunity to see the effect on their business and may lead them to opening up as a result- if not it gets their business exposure up and keeps more money in our community.

We need to amalgamate with the rest of the county on our own terms, before the province forces us to in the next few years. We are going to be stronger if we band together, and a retirement community if we do not.

Create spaces for safe needle use/disposal for community members struggling with addiction. This has been done in other cities with amazing results. Avoiding contamination has saved so many lives and helped people quit.

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