Assets and strengths

Assets and strengths

What are the assets or strength of the town, that should be highlighted in making New Glasgow a livable, desirable place to be?


The waterfront (along the river) seems overlooked by many businesses. It would be lovely to have some restaurants with a river view. Increased activities along the water would also be great! Water clean up?

Being a town on the water is a strength, so cleaning the East River would be a long overdue step to making NG a more desirable place to be. There is a suffering ecosystem under the surface of the water. Making the river a priority will also boost environmental interest and action on a local level

Recreation on the water (Paddleboat rentals, picnic tables, etc) Also, shuttles from city center to hiking trails to promote healthy living for all income households

Ask your youth what they like about the area. Ask elementary-aged up to college-aged students. Ask us why we are leaving at such high rates and why so few return to the area. You're trying to improve the community and town for the future and that includes a future *they the kids* will see, and *you* will not

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