Projects and programs

Projects and programs

What projects or programs would you like to see being developed in New Glasgow?


Pairing business support small businesses/freelancers (Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Social Media Mangers, etc) With businesses and industries to get their business & Operations available online, boosting sales (Such as farmers, for example)

Home Care groups. Able bodied citizens can volunteer to help with open-season garden prep, or subsidizing landscape businesses for low income or eldery citizens so that they can improve their properties and build their own gardens

Educating residents on proper personal finance management! Budgeting, investing, saving, all of it. As a new resident this past year- i have been surprised at the people & businesses taking advantage of people who simply don't understand "the system" and don't have a handle on personal finances. I think adds a lot of stress, crime, and pressure on community services.

Community gardens that are fenced and protected from vandals and theft, much like gardens in larger urban centers. Vacant land in the community could become thriving centers of social interaction , places of beauty in our town landscape, provide food security for lower income residents as well as being a way to grow hard to access foods for various cultural cuisines. The one downtown is nice but is unprotected against theft and vandalism and doesn't get full sun all day.

A free course for first aid. It doesn't need to be a full certification (as i'm sure that would cost the city a lot of money) but enough that if your loved one is in trouble and emergency services have a long response time, you can help. With the current shortage of ambulances (and NOT to replace improving our healthcare system), giving all citizens the opportunity to learn how to keep someone alive until emergency services arrive could transform the lives of many.

Dog park, this town really needs a dog park. Instead of NGA field.

Skill building programs included in recreation program options. Skills like cooking, sewing, woodworking projects, video. Business downtown could participate in mini programs to introduce youth to the skills that are valued in the workplace while making it a fun activity.

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