Attractiveness for new business

Attractiveness for new business

In your opinion, what are the positive and negative point of running a business in New Glasgow? Do you think New Glasgow is a vibrant and attractive for business, entrepreneurs and working professionals?


It could be, but it is not currently. We have allowed our commercial real restate to be owned by so few individuals and Crombie that in order to start any sort of public facing business here, one must have a large financial backer - which few startups have, especially here in Pictou County. Why do we have so many home based businesses? Because they largely have no other choice.

There are currently little to no positives to running a business in the town of New Glasgow (TNG). TNG has to appeal to potential investors in a way that speaks to them. That is through their wallets. The town needs to financially incentivize organizations to operate within their area. By attracting new businesses, this will solve many of the other issues addressed by this platform, mainly community development and housing markets. Tax reductions can be a start but more brainstorming is required

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