Attractiveness for tourists

Attractiveness for tourists

Do you think New Glasgow has potential to attracts tourists? What do you think is missing and could be developed in order to develop tourism in town?


Additional pieces of Art work near the River Additional picnic areas by the river (not only on the trail)

yes we have so much potential in attracting tourists we lack representation all around and need more historical outlets where we and others can go to learn and get educated. Promote festivals to enhance different cultural traditions, establish historical monuments/centers, better shopping stores, more community events,

We need marketing. No one knows what's here. I moved here only recently and I was shocked to discover all the great points about the area – and I'm from Nova Scotia. Visitors won't know about our beaches, fishing, history, sights and so on if we don't tell them they exist. I've developed advertising campaigns for Moncton and Halifax tourism and I can say first-hand how much of a difference some destination marketing can make. Show Nova Scotians (and eventually the rest of Canada) what we have!

There is the river, that's should be the main tourist place. Make it fun and nice.

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