Touristic potential in the region

Touristic potential in the region

In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses in the region in regards to tourism development? What could be improved?


The river and riverfront marina could have huge potential (a Pictou ferry, fishing/sightseeing tours, visiting boats, etc.) if the river were more accessible (dredged).

The river is a great asset in the town of New Glasgow. It would attract tourists if you could rent a kayak or paddleboard, etc. at the Marina.

The riverfront is under-utilized. There are few nice patios in town despite the lovely area. There are few nice places to stay (B&Bs or hotels with spas or other amenities). New Glasgow has charm but it doesn't feel like a "destination" like the Valley or South Shore; rather, it's a place you stop by on a drive through. Some development could change that because the town has huge potential given the river, historic buildings, and nearby beaches.

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