Active Transportation

Active Transportation

What do you like and/or dislike about New Glasgow’s current active transportation infrastructure (sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, etc.)? Where do you think there is room for improvement?


The town of NG provides 90km of sidewalks and is maintaining this very well with new updates throughout. I'm excited to see the progress with bike lanes and hope more towns can follow the same path.

Lighting for unofficial pathways could be noted-near the Ward 1 Park that leads to the Aberdeen Business area is often an area I see travelled a lot and does not have much room for bike lanes/no sidewalk/poor lighting.

Would there be a possibility to add a stretch of sidewalk from mayflower drive to eighth street? I walk this part to go and get my daughter from school and I would feel a little bit safer to have a sidewalk there when I am walking with my daughter. I find this part of town is a popular way to take to get to Munroe Ave Extension.

The town of New Glasgow should add a network of off the road bike paths connecting the various hot spots in our community. I do not feel safe biking on the road with traffic. Other growing cities in our region have done this and amount of individuals who take advantage of this is astonishing.

The stretch between the highland square mall and the wellness center could really use a sidewalk with a high curb. People walk under that overpass and its poor lighting and poor drainage and a bit dangerous.

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