Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Do you think New Glasgow offers good options of outdoor spaces? Which parks and playgrounds are your favorite to visit? Why do you like to go there?


Love the samson trail and the west side tennis courts and outdoor rink.

I enjoy seeing other town's offer equipment and beginner classes for children and families. Renting out equipment for various water sports is something I wish the town of NG could promote more.

Samson trail is one of my favorites - multiple access points, fairly easy trail, beautiful views

Great outdoor facilities, but they need to be continually invested in. Finish the lighting on the trail system, update the track, skatepark at parkdale and keep community centre outdoor spaces in good condition

The Samson Trail is one of the best outdoor spaces in New Glasgow. However there has been little done to modernize it with the exception of maintenance. Paving the trail would extend the usage season of it as it can get quite mucky in the spring/fall. Widening the trail to create two lanes would also be beneficial. One for individuals walking/running and one for individuals biking. There were numerous times where I have almost been hit by bikers

I love New Glasgow's outdoor spaces. The East River is a fantastic spot for kayaking, boating, canoeing, etc. I hope Parkdale becomes developed more in the future as it could hold space for additional infrastructure (indoor track?). The Samson Trail is another beautiful area that is well used by many county residents

Bike lanes would influence a more active lifestyle for many, and have the potential to get traffic down at peak hours. Places in the world where it is SAFE to cycle, get people cycling to/from school and work.

Allow mountain bike groups to step in to create trailers where appropriate. This could influence younger age groups to lead a healthier lifestyle. Get them out of the house!

A quality, fenced dog park is definitely needed. More and more individuals are renting in NG, rather than owning a home, many of whom own dogs.

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